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EDITION 129 // 19th Jan 2017

Your Marketing Mix

Jeep Goes Guerrilla

With all the different advertisements that Jeep have made over the years, it wasn't a shock to see one of their newer 'guerrilla marketing' campaigns. To promote the fact that their models are suited to both the city and the country, Jeep has demonstrated yet again their 'go anywhere' attitude by creating parking spots in very unusual places ranging from up sidewalk stairs to a parking spot in a plant.

The very minimalistic approach to the campaign is a refreshing break from their usual action packed video campaigns. Despite this, their key message, 'go anywhere', is drawn upon in a visual extension of their other marketing campaigns. Although this execution is different to what we expect from jeep (action packed ads), it goes to show how simply a brand can display their message and still make it stand out from the crowded space that is marketing.

What is 'Guerrilla Marketing'?

The idea of 'guerrilla marketing' is to promote a business or product in an unconventional way that can have a large impact but with very little budget. Most guerilla marketing tactics work best in urban spaces with prevalent foot traffic, or dense, slow-moving automobile traffic. By creating a shocking or beautiful change to a space, you can quickly gain the attention of passersby and that is exactly what Jeep has done here.

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