iPhone is at it Again

6 Feb

iPhone is at it Again

Even well established brands like iPhone understand the importance of keeping things fresh in the consumers' minds to lift sales. It also makes it easier to introduce new features and solutions when a brand is consistently in the marketplace.

Apple has always demonstrated enjoyable creative content and we see this again in the extension of their campaign "Relax, It's iPhone."

The latest "Swoop" campaign features advertisements about the magpie swooping season and a nervous cyclist who drops their phone, which withstands the elements and survives unscathed thanks to its ceramic screen.

The "New Driver" campaign includes a brief scene in which a father nervously watches his daughter pull out of the driveway for the first time, appealing to many parents. The new feature provides a notification that indicates she has checked in and arrived safely at her destination.

Creating relatable situations is an excellent storytelling opportunity to market the iPhone's new safety features, appealing to customers' pain points and providing a solution.

A great example of a creative execution that provides solutions to common problems, rather than simply highlighting its features.

Let's get innovative with your brand in 2024 and develop a creative, memorable campaign.