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  3 · 4 · 2019




Swann Insurance has been providing motorcycle insurance to their loyal customers for over 50 years. But like every industry, motorcycle insurance has become highly competitive, especially as general insurers started offering motorcycle insurance as part of their broader insurance policies.

This, combined with rising costs of living, meant that Australians began choosing insurance policies based solely on affordability. On top of this, insurers have become less trusted than ever before, with only one quarter of Australians trusting insurers to come through when it really mattered.

This all lead to a situation where, in order to retain their relevance and their market share, Swann Insurance had to reposition their brand.

Clever Execution
Through research, Swann found that as motorcyclists get older, it becomes harder for them to find the time to actually ride their bikes. This vital piece of research led to their 'Another Reason to Ride' campaign. Swann branded 'Inconvenience Stores', already set up in remote locations at the end of some of Australia's great rides.

The stores contained wall stickers, shelf wobblers, sandwich boards, decals and in-store displays, as well as branded free milk, chocolate and toilet paper. Each of these 'inconvenient' products had a code on the back giving a 10% discount on a new motorcycle insurance quote.

They also created a TV commercial, social media and website content and outdoor billboards announcing the opening of the stores. The campaign ran for 3 months, and the TV commercial was broadcast during the Australian Motorcycle Grand Prix.

The Result
The campaign was an enormous success. Swann Insurance policies increased by 23%, well above their objective of 10%. Written premium growth increased by more than 22%, over 4 times their 5% target, and social media engagement grew by 284%. But most importantly, Swann demonstrated that no one knew riders like they did.

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