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  1 · 8 · 2018




Hyundai has launched its latest campaign for their new Santa Fe SUV, instituting peace in the tumultuous back seat.

The ads make the claim that age-old sibling rivalries over the back seat, much like the heated conflict between 'Bucket Head' and 'Stupid Face', will dissolve in the comforts of the Santa Fe.

The SUV segment is where it's all happening at the moment, and the combination of the all-new Santa Fe, plus Hyundai's back seat campaign, are sure to resonate with parents exhausted with breaking up back seat brawls.

The ads also showcase the Santa Fe's back seat USB connectivity, temperature control and additional space, along with the "latest world-leading safety tech."

"I chuckle every time I see Stupid Face and Bucket Head. Let's hope the Santa Fe helps battle-weary parents everywhere." - Steve Jackson, Executive Creative Director at Innocean Worldwide Australia.

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