Humanise Your Brand Now or Sit Down!

16 Apr '20

Humanise Your Brand Now or Sit Down!

Humanise Your Brand Now or Sit Down!

These are very bizarre times. Not only are people worried about themselves or loved ones contracting a highly contagious virus, but they are also concerned about losing their livelihood. It should be a priority, now  more then ever, that your brand is community orientated and focused on connecting with your customers on all levels so that you are reminding your customers that you are still human owned and operated. 

Before COVID-19 we have seen some great examples of this, like Woolworths response to a customer product complaint on social media below.

Be human

Right now we need to come together and forget our roles as consumers or brands and remember that we’re all just people who are trying to figure out how to get through this scary time and wondering what life might look like on the other side.Below are a few points for you to consider:

  • People are now entering a ‘needs state’ purchasing cycle. This means brand loyalty may not be the priority.
  • The things people cared about a few weeks ago now are not so important. The focus is on necessities, not luxuries. Society has taken a sudden plunge from self-actualisation to the more base desires of safety and security. 
  • Your brand communication needs to be honest, to the point, factual and kind.
  • Brands who don’t change their tactics risk alienating their audience. Glossy marketing attempts will come off as bad taste and out of touch, while attempts to downplay the situation or ignore it come off as smug or glib.

    So what is your approach?
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