Ford's Influencer and Social Media Puzzle Campaign

14 Feb '20

Ford's Influencer and Social Media Puzzle Campaign

Ford's Influencer and Social Media Puzzle Campaign Edit Page Logout

Ford's Influencer & Social Media Puzzle Campaign

14th Feb 2020


Ford's Influencer and Social Media Puzzle Campaign

Ford's iconic Mustang is going electric with its latest Mach-E Model, and to match the new technology, ford has gone with a creative new approach to the advertising for the first time.

Usually, Ford is known for flashy commercials, but this time the auto brand used social teasers to hint at their latest vehicle release. Ford enlisted the help of Instagram influencers like David Patterson, That1320Chick and Katie Osborne, to tease the launch event in a unique way.

They each posted a picture of themselves and attached it to the hashtag #ElectricAndUntamed. When the 10 pictures were put together, the artistic silhouette of the Mach-E can be seen.

Ford also enlisted Idris Elba, an English actor with a cult following, to be an ambassador of the new wave Mustangs, and feature in a their new cinematic trailer.

View the cinematic launch trailer below.

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