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  EDITION 131 // 23rd FEB 2017


Your Marketing Mix


Is This Your Year?

Australia’s largest gym network, Anytime Fitness, is launching a brash campaign urging people to “F*ck Unfit” to shock people into improving their health, but has made a last minute call to tone down outdoor posters after the advertising watchdog ruled on the use of the “F” word by other advertisers.

“This is our biggest and bravest campaign to date,” says Anytime Fitness CEO Arthur McColl.

“Anytime Fitness, wanted to produce a hard-hitting campaign that would hopefully get the nation talking and debating fitness,” .

“The campaign was developed from the insights of the emotional connection to fitness. Especially at this time of the year, Anytime Fitness was looking to capture the attention of those who need the realisation, motivation and support to get active, and improve their health and wellbeing,” 

But the outdoor element of the campaign has undergone a last-minute alteration after the Advertising Standards Board last month ruled against SBS and ads for its Viceland channel promoting the TV show”F*ck, That’s Delicious“.

Emotional connection has always been a successful approach to increase awareness in products and services (We are not saying you have to go this far). What emotional connection does your business have with your customer?

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