Empty Esky

13 Mar '20

Empty Esky

Empty Esky

The Australian fires have had devastating effects that spread further than just the environmental impact. Towns that have been touched by the fire season have also had their local economy effected beyond belief.

So how does one simple pledge move towards fixing this??

Empty Esky is a movement by Australian foodies and adventurers that encourages everyone to grab their esky and embark on a road trip around fire-affected towns and communities and stock up on local produce.

        Empty Esky is entirely not-for-profit and run by a small team of volunteers    

Social and environmental responsibility is one of the biggest things a business needs to focus on with their brand image. Supporting a great cause, like Empty Eksy, is a great way to position your brand in the best company. 

Help make a change in the community that benefits not only you, but your customers. Call us today: 02 6761 2222