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  2 · 5 · 2018



Dove and Cartoon Network Team Up to Promote Self-Esteem

Dove has partnered with Cartoon Network’s Program 'Steven’s Universe', releasing a series of short films to promote body positivity in young audiences.

Dove recently announced their partnership with Cartoon Network's 'Steven Universe' creator Rebecca Sugar for the next 2 years to create a series of 6 animated short films, aimed at educating young people on body confidence and self-esteem, which are both lacking in younger generations.

This continues to build on Dove's 2004 'Self-Esteem Project'. Dove believes the program will reach over 40 million young people by 2020 in 140 countries.
"We are introducing new tools to enable us to reach more younger people with content that not only educates but also entertains" - Sophie Galvani, Dove Global Vice President

The first episode in the series sees two characters in a film setting discussing how bullying should be dealt with and the attitudes to have about their appearance and appearance-related teasing. Later this year we'll see Dove and Cartoon Network launch accompanying assets - both an educational ebook and original music performed by the cast of Steven Universe.

Steven Universe is the first ever animated series on Cartoon Network to be created by a woman.
"This is an issue I have struggled with personally and I hope this will be a chance to amplify positive messages about self-awareness and acceptance," said creator Rebecca Sugar.

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