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EDITION 204 // 7th SEPT 2017

Your Creative Cube

Coca-Cola ‘Pool Boy’ TVC

Australia will be one of the first markets globally to air Coca-Cola’s new ‘Pool Boy’ commercial. Coca-Cola’s ‘Pool Boy’ commercial has aired in Australia after launching in the USA in March 2017.

The video ad already achieved 4.1 million YouTube views.

It builds on the soft drink giant’s global ‘Taste the Feeling’ brand platform which launched in 2016 and features the new drinks range labels which reflect its ‘one brand’ world strategy.

Unlike the new commercial, the global labels took almost a year to launch in Australia. “As a brand, we are constantly looking for ways to keep our work fresh, exciting and engaging to our consumers,” says Lisa Winn, marketing director at Coca-Cola South Pacific.

They do this by tapping into everyday moments and telling a story that connects with their world wide audience.

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