Christmas Social Media Campaigns...

10 Dec '20

Christmas Social Media Campaigns...

Christmas Social Media Campaigns...

This year has been filled with so many ups and downs for many Australian businesses, this holiday season will feel different from the years gone by. That's why it's more important then ever before to connect with your customers online and celebrate this year. Here are a few creative campaigns from some of our favourite brands to get you inspired leading you into the holiday season.

Budweiser. Wise men don’t drink and drive

A lot of songs are centered around driving home for Christmas. Here’s a campaign that does this in a cool way: Budweiser Prohibition. The brand created the campaign in partnership with the Department for Transport and its ‘Think!’ initiative. Combining out-of-home and digital ads, it was designed to convince consumers not to drink and drive over the festive period. Cheers to that! *grabs alcohol-free beer*

Starbucks. #GiveGood

In 2017, Starbucks launched the “Project Give Good”, which involved offering gift cards to give customers the opportunity to take a break or catch up with a loved one over coffee. To drive some engagement, they also released new cups with lots of white space that consumers could colour and personalize for themselves. Starbucks encouraged people to post pictures of their cups under the hashtag #GiveGood. Voilà! That’s one example of how to get into the festive spirit and encourage user-generated content at the same time.


Amazon knows what Christmas is about, presents, nice boxes, family, and hot chocolate and they managed to capture it in their Christmas cover photo on Facebook.


Target did not forget about their online presence for Christmas. Aside from managing to arrange their stores in a Christmas mood, they’ve dressed up their social media pages with in their traditional white & red ambiance.

So... are you ready to get creative this Christmas & connect with your customers online.