Celebrity Endorsement Marketing

28 Feb

Celebrity Endorsement Marketing

Celebrity Endorsement Marketing - CeraVe is NOT Developed by Michael Cera

You've seen celebrity endorsement marketing, but have you ever seen it like this?

Superbowl Prime Time advertising is expensive, so you have to make your moments memorable, and skin cream brand CeraVe has done just that with the launch of their new "Developed by Dermatologists, Not Michael Cera" campaign.

In the new comedic Superbowl ad, famous actor Michael Cera (Barbie, Superbad and Scott Pilgrim Vs The World) presents CeraVe as a product of his own making, but the end shows the team of dermatologists displeased with his claims.

CeraVe has leaned into the common misconception with their new campaign, dedicating an entire page of their website to the campaign, however the dermatologists claim:

"Whatever the reason, it’s not true. The ‘Cera’ in our name refers to the 3 essential ceramides. So, although we’re huge Michael fans, he didn’t develop CeraVe. Dermatologists did."

CeraVe even went so far as to joke that Michael Cera was an imposter in their newsletter competition, as seen below.

CeraVe has made the most of the expensive limited Superbowl screentime to present an effective and humorous campaign to get people talking.

Time is money, and CeraVe have made the most of both.

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