Breathing New Life into Your Existing Brand

10 May '22

Breathing New Life into Your Existing Brand

Breathing New Life Into Your Existing Brand

Every business at some point in their lifecycle will experience the pain of a declining customer base and the need to find a creative solution that motivates a new audience to take action. It's one of the biggest challenges all businesses face.

This is what promoted the Australian Army Reserve latest campaign 'Your Life Plus Army Reserve' that has been broadcast across cinema, TV, social and out-of-home. to bring a dynamic and visually creative campaign to life that not only unveiled the diverse equipment and people you would get to work with in the Army Reserve, but also capturing the exciting and challenging environments you’ll get to experience with the Army Reserve.

This campaign demonstrates that joining the Army Reserve will open up a whole new world of adventure and challenges for you. Many people join the Army Reserve to help others but it is the flexibility and advantages of part-time service that is highlighted in their campaign.

Today your consumer is all about experience, rather than consumption.

"The Digital Age" has led to the "Age of Experience" and since experiences are so coveted with consumers today, they will often be more apt to spending their money and time on experiences, rather than things.

For example the Australian Army Reserve campaign allows people to meet other people, experience what the company has to offer and brings their brand to life.

Problem solved!

People will see the Army Reserve in a new light as a result of the campaign, which will eventually lead to full recruitment centres.

Has this got you thinking differently?