Anytime Fitness - Find Your Fit Campaign

26 Sep '23

Anytime Fitness - Find Your Fit Campaign

Anytime Fitness - Find Your Fit Campaign

In the dynamic world of our creative industry, we found a great example to share with you of a fusion of creative minds that promised to transcend boundaries and shatter stereotypes, all in the name of fitness.

Anytime Fitness Australia launched their new campaign, aptly titled 'Find your fit,' is a breath of fresh air in an industry plagued by misconceptions. Research had unveiled a startling truth: twice as many Australians believed they didn't belong in fitness clubs as those who felt they did. This was a challenge, a gauntlet thrown down to reframe the narrative and liberate people from the shackles of self-doubt, paving the way for them to reach their fitness aspirations.

Through the lens of a 24-hour gym, the campaign's films, invite viewers into the vibrant tapestry of the Anytime Fitness community. It's a celebration of diversity, a chorus that showcases the incredible variety of individuals who call Anytime Fitness home.

This creative unfolds through a multitude of mediums, from captivating films to eye-catching OOH (Out of Home) displays, from engaging social media to captivating digital displays.

Caitlin Bancroft, the visionary CMO of Anytime Fitness, passionately explains, "Our ambition is to be Australia's most welcoming gym, a haven open to anyone, regardless of where they stand on their fitness journey. 'Find your fit' is our love letter to gym-goers everywhere, a playful ode to inclusion that beats at the very heart of our brand."

All the character types you see in the “Find your Fit” films are based very much on real gym goers. The message is clear, simple, and inclusive: whoever you are, you will find your fit at Anytime Fitness.”

 'Find your fit' emerges an example of the transformative power of creative collaboration, proving that when the creative industry unites with a purpose, it can redefine not just brands but lives, inviting everyone to discover their true potential within the walls of Anytime Fitness.

This campaign is more than just a creative venture; it's an anthem of belonging and acceptance, for a truly inclusive society.

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