What is your message? What are your values? What is crucially important to you, and what is your vision and your goals? If you haven’t put careful consideration into this, you’re sacrificing clarity and consistency in your communication and marketing. If marketing is where and how you say it, then communication is what you’re saying - it’s the substance behind your marketing.

Where is your business at?

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Choose Target Audience

Your communication may be either internal (for people within the business), business-to-business or external (to customers). Which of these categories you target controls your communication at a fundamental, foundational level.

Research Your Audience

Make a point of knowing everything you can about the psychology of your target audience. The more you know about their way of thinking, their culture, their behaviours and perspectives, the more effectively you can shape your message to drill in to their needs and frustrations.

Get Creative

Don't settle for the same thing you've always said. This is an opportunity to say something truly novel and unique which, when paired with precise, effective marketing, can result in something not just powerful but memorable in its own right.

Adapt to Different Mediums

Each medium (facebook, youtube, signage, word-of-mouth etc.) has its strengths and weaknesses and its own unique opportunities to be taken advantage of. Understand how each medium works and understanding the people who use it will make the difference between a mediocre campaign and a mighty campaign.

Market and Distribute

Once you have developed your message, you need to distribute it. If it's for an internal meeting or presentation, present it! If it's for external marketing, then market it! Get your message out into the open through the mediums you've researched.

Review and Restart

Gather information on the reception of your communication. Did your message resonate with its audience? Did people understand and identify with it? What feedback and comments did you receive? As you return to the start of the communications cycle, you can use the information you collected to build a more targeted, more powerful campaign next time.

Communications With 2 Creative Media

To make sure your communication is as accurate and transparent as it can possibly be, we will regularly meet up and chat with you to really get to know your business and what makes it tick. Through listening, observation and asking the right questions - something we’ve taken years to refine and perfect - we learn the passions behind the business and what makes it stand out among its competitors, then we get to work presenting it in a way that the consumer connects with and responds to. This makes the foundation of the way we write website content, media releases and newsletters, business proposals, advertising content and any other content for your business. Your communication is the heart of your online presence and reputation among people, so don’t take it lightly, take advantage of our expertise and get it done right.

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