COVID-19 Response

I’m sure you are tired of hearing the words unprecedented times? But it's true.

COVID-19 has forced businesses to close, pivot and think on their feet. Arguably, most of us have never seen something of this scale before, which means we had to think fast and re-align marketing and brand strategies to navigate through this pandemic and the good news is - IT’S WORKING!

We know it’s been tough but as an experienced team of marketers and digital experts, we’re here to help you get through this. We are fortunate to be all working from our office (in separate rooms, practicing social distancing) because it’s hard to be creative on your own at home.

Our office hours and days remain the same, although our night light has been burning to help our clients communicate through this new chaos.

We’re ready to help your business pivot through and beyond COVID-19 so that you can survive.....and thrive.


We’re an award-winning creative, marketing, digital agency based on regional NSW. From the ground up, we have worked hard to build the strong foundations required of a full-service creative agency that works with start-ups through to large organisations and not-for-profits.

We’ve been on a steep learning curve since 2006 navigating through a constantly changing business landscape. Consumers are driving more content and the trends that are shaping consumption are reshaping products and services everywhere. Market disrupters like Uber and AirBnB are influencing consumer behaviour which will ultimately determine the types of societies we will live in.

We are proud to have built a regional business that has become an industry-leading creative, marketing and digital agency working with outstanding CEOs and market leaders across Australia.

Who We Are
How We Work
Our Difference
We Care About Our World

Who We Are

Our philosophy has always been simple: become better. Through industry research, data-driven analytics and reflection-based decison making process we are committed to continuously making a positive difference.

We’re constantly making changes big and small that will help a business's ecosystem and community a better, more informed place.

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How We Work


We don’t just find out what your business does and what industry you’re in, but we get to know the ins and outs of your business, the way you run things, what’s most important to you and by extension what should be important to your audience.


Based on what we learn about you, we form recommendations to fit exactly what you need and are aligned with your goals and business targets.


We talk strategy with you, the client. Putting together our expertise and yours, we are able to develop a plan for potent marketing that puts you at the forefront of people’s minds in just the right way.


It’s one thing to make a plan, but you need to be able to follow through. Our understanding of modern technologies and ability to learn and adapt quickly means that not only do we know what to do and how we do it, but we get it done, no questions asked.


This is one of the most crucial components of the process. We take pains to understand not only what the results of the strategy were, but why it got those results. Then we take those to the final step of the process to get an even better outcome.


Anyone can make a post or send out an email and hope for the best. We analyse and break down the results we measured and determine what went wrong and what went right, then take that information on board to revise our strategy to ensure we are always producing the best outcome for you, and the cycle begins again.

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We care about our world

Whereever we have an enviromental impact, we always aim to minimise it, or create a system to make any effect positive. It's because of this that all of our projects and events run on a strict set of rules crafted to maintain these goals.

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Our Difference

We aren’t just here to do the odd flyer or social media ad. We are all about partnering with you and forming a close ongoing relationship with your business that seeks to build and evolve your business and brand perception in every facet using all the tools and strategies available to us.

To make sure the result we produce is the best for your business and your customers, we will meet with you regularly and get to know your business intimately so that we are completely familiar with the way your business works.

From this, we align ourselves with your goals and targets, and your values become paramount in the development process. We are proactive in communicating with you and letting you make the calls about what will and won’t work for your business.

Combining our partnership with you alongside our 15 years of experience in our industry and knowledge of many other industries that we have learned through working with them, we are perfectly positioned to take your brand further than ever before.

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At 2 Creative Media, we strive for flawlessness and creativity. We are always growing and further sharpening our skills and knowledge. If you are passionate and particular about producing high quality work and working alongside clients to get a result that fits their needs, if you pride yourself on creating the best possible experience for not only your clients but their customers as well - you’ll fit right in with us.

We’re always looking for new talent and expertise, so if you think you have something to offer then get in touch with us and let’s talk about a career you’ll be invested in.

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